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Woke up to news this morning

That my dear friend is no more

Coming to terms and then knowing

I won't see him anymore


I know we will meet again some day

I know there is life after death

I just wanna mourn my dear friend/Let me mourn my dear friend

Now that he is gone forever/Who is now gone forever


It's been two years of untold sorrow

Knowing not If I will reach tomorrow

Everyday is news of someone/ a loved one

Laid in the ground with no one/ Put in the grave with no one

By D T Mushani

 In memory of so many friends and loved ones lost due to Covid 19 during 2020 & 2021





In preparation for the release of long overdue albums, one English and the other  in Chewa, both relating to Easter period, 2 songs were released on Good Friday this year 2022. The Chewa one is entitled "Anaukanso" while the English one is "He has risen". The songs enjoyed some airplay time on a number of local radios as well as massive circulation on social media. They are part of the two albums expected to be completed by end of June 2022. Each album will contain 10 tracks. 

D T Mushani

20 April 2022



Two albums are now scheduled for recording and at least one will be ready for release by end of this year 2020. 

The other one will be released by Easter time in 2021. It is a compilation of wonderful Easter songs. All tracks written, composed and arranged by myself. The Easter album will have about 5 English songs and the rest Chewa ones. All albums are likely to have 10 tracks each.

Be blessed.

D T Mushani




"Ephphatha" - Be Opened!!

Finally the new album is ready for downloading! You will enjoy and love every track contained in this well produced project.

The title track 'Imvani Pemphero Langa' as well as a few selected numbers are already enjoying airtime on local FM radio stations within Malawi, some of which can be heard as far away as Mozambique.

A number of promotional activities are being planned in the coming weeks to ensure that the album gets to as many people as possible within a short time. Keep looking out for more updates here.

D T Mushani

November 2019


Imvani Pemphero Langa album completed

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Imvani Pemphero Langa

D T Mushani

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Finally it happened. It was an eventful evening when my first ever solo album was performed live to an enthusiastic though smaller audience. The music was great and all supporting artists were so good that the audience could not resist dancing to the tunes on offer. The backing band was very professional complimented by a state of the art equipment.  

Imvani Pemphero Langa is now officially launched and is available in both hard(CDs) and soft online copies. . Look out for  launch videos both here and on YouTube in the near future.

I want to thank all those who showed up and supported this project from its inception to its completion. The next 2 projects in 2020 will be even greater.  Promise.  Enjoy every track on this album!!