My Story


With a heart and passion for young people, D T Mushani (full name Dean Tumpale) plays inspirational and direct scripture based songs which ministers to the heart and soul of any listener using his 12 string acoustic amplified guitar. Playing a combination of country,soft rock and afro-pop music ,D T touches the heart of those going through different situations in their lives with the message:hold on,hang on and never give up or lose hope. 

Born in the then capital city of Malawi,Zomba,D T grew up listening to music such as classic and opera( a favourite of his elder brother Reggie), country and western, black American spirituals and blues of the '70s and '80s as well as many sounds from the African continent. All these background genres would have an influence on his songwriting and compositions,first for the youth praise team he lead for many years at his local presbyterian church and later for his own solo career. He has composed and written over 100 songs most of which are not yet produced in studio but will be in the coming years. He has performed live in many churches and events over the years. Speaking a number of local languages as well as some French ,D T's music reaches out to a wide cross-section of listeners both within his country Malawi and beyond. The gift God has input in D T is not only meant for pleasure to listeners of his music but truly spiritual food for the well being of the soul, mind and body.The anointing of the Holy Spirit is evident in each and every line he sings and his music comes from deep down his heart, often influenced by his own personal experiences in life.

Currently he has embarked on a several exciting projects of working with  songwriters in other countries with the idea of making his music available to audiences from different nations, in their own languages! He has travelled and performed on several missionary trips to USA and Scotland, leading the choral groups in those exchange program visits for his church.


D T Mushani