From the recording Imvani Pemphero Langa

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Jesus Christ is coming again! That is the news to the whole world.


People from all faiths,
From all walks of life
From all nationalities
Are hearing the call
And they are waking up
To the news around the world
That Jesus is coming

He is gone to prepare a place for you
That where he is gone you’ll be there too
Let us stand on eternal
Everlasting word of God
Oh oh Jesus is coming, He’s coming again
vs 2
How much time is left, this we don't know,
But one thing we know God has let you and me
Live in these great exciting
Days of history Jesus is coming

There is a growing hunger
Created in hearts all over the world
For a greater understanding
Of the promises of God.
Oh oh Jesus is coming, He’s coming again

Written and composed by
Dean Mushani 16 August 2021